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WWRA: Recycle the holidays

Courtesy photo from Laura Scriven.

(Publisher’s note: Due to server problems, this column did not run on Sunday, Dec. 23 as it was scheduled because ChelseaUpdate was not functioning. I apologize to Laura Scriven and to readers, but it was out of my control.)

With the holiday season here, there are plenty of chances to reduce, reuse, recycle.

REDUCE: A great way to reduce the amount of waste this season is to find different materials to wrap presents in — rather than purchasing new wrapping paper.

At this time of the year, most households receive a large number of catalogs and newspapers. These items make great projects for the kids and are fun and unusual.  Simply wrap gifts or take it a step further, and make holiday prints using some left-over paint.

Old fabric with accents, buttons, glitter, and ribbons can make a beautiful and personal gift wrapping, as well.

Gifts can be combined into the same box to cut back on packing material. More is not always better.

REUSE: A great way to give is to donate old clothing, toys, and household goods to charities such as Purple Heart or Goodwill. There is a Goodwill drop-off location at 1167 South Main St. Not only are you helping families in need, but also you are also making room for all the new gifts Santa will be bringing.

Now is also a good time to sort through your kitchen cupboards for items that have not expired, but are not being used in your home. Winter and the holidays are tough times, but giving can really warm the heart of the giver – as well as the receiver.

RECYCLE: In your hurry to clean up after the morning frenzy on Christmas Day, do not forget how convenient and easy it is to recycle all those boxes, bags, wrapping paper, unread instructions, and cards.

They can all be co-mingled into your curb-side recycling bin or into a portable container to be taken to one of the many recycling locations around the area. When cooking, simply wash out food containers and toss into the bins.

Cartons, bottles, jars, plastic and paper containers, boxes, and foil can all be recycled.

We, at Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority, wish you and your family a wonder Holiday Season.

Laura Scriven [email protected]

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