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A group from SRSLY made a presentation to the Chelsea City Council on Monday night regarding a resolution to protect local communities from the marijuana industry.

(Publisher’s note: I am a member of the SRSLY Steering Committee and I spoke in favor of this resolution at the City Council meeting.)

A group from SRSLY made its first in a number of planned presentations throughout local communities to raise awareness of the consequences of having marijuana businesses in communities.

Among the talking points were:

  • Local governments are not required to allow medicinal marijuana facilities in our towns.
  • Local businesses are not required to allow medicinal marijuana companies to advertise their products in our towns.
  • Short-term gain in taxing marijuana can lead to long-term losses. For every $1 gained from alcohol and tobacco tax revenues; $10 is lost in legal, health, social and regulatory costs.
  • Marijuana use — even for medical reasons — is illegal under Federal law under the Controlled Substance Act.
  • Local governments that accept tax revenue from Marijuana facilities can be held liable under Federal law.
  • So can non-profit organizations that accept donations from marijuana businesses.
  • Medicinal marijuana is a cash-only industry. Banks open themselves up to government seizure by the FDIC if they chose to accept money from medical marijuana dispensaries, which are federally illegal.
  • Use of marijuana in youth has increased in areas with medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Marijuana is not harmless to kids and teens.
  • Access to marijuana and exposure to marijuana advertising are linked to increased marijuana use in youth.
  • 1 in 6 people who use marijuana before the age of 18 will become addicted.
  • Marijuana use in youth has been linked to lower IQ scores.
  • THC-infused baked goods or candies are much stronger than normal weed — and they appeal to kids.
  • Areas with legal marijuana have seen increases in ER visits for kids under age 9 who accidentally eat these products.
SRSLY Resolution to Protect Our Communities

You can read more and lend your support here.

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2 Responses to “SRSLY Resolution: Protect Our Communities From the Marijuana Industry”

  1. I am so very proud of this group standing up for the safety of the youth. It is better to proceed with caution in these matters than to jump on the bandwagon of what is becoming socially acceptable or popular. I do understand that many people benefit from medical marijuana use, but the industry seems to be geared toward the ‘High Detroit’ clientele which is of course what I believe SRSLY is hoping to prevent from infiltrating our local area.

  2. Gary Adams says:

    I strongly support the work that SRSLY is and has been doing in our community. In my opinion they are doing an excellent job. This resolution is well stated and is deserving of strong support in our community. I urge everyone to read this resolution carefully, give it your full consideration, and lend your support by clicking on the link below the copy of the resolution.