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Be on the lookout for a small white hatchback car with distinctive wheels

Police Chief Ed Toth
File photo. Police Chief Ed Toth

Chelsea Police Chief Ed Toth reminded residents not to leave any valuables in their vehicles in the wake of a fifth smash and grab in the city since December, 2012.

Toth told the Chelsea City Council on Tuesday, March 26 that the police department is on the lookout for a small white hatchback car with black wheels with chrome in the center.

If anyone sees this vehicle, try and get a license plate number, and report it to the police department, he said.

The thieves have hit parking lots during the day so residents are reminded not to leave anything of value in their vehicles that might be seen by someone walking by.

He also reminded ladies not to leave their purses in their cars because if they are observed walking into a building without one then someone might think it was still in the car and go looking for it.

Also, he said, on Feb. 6, a barn at the Chelsea Community Fairgrounds was broken into, but nothing was taken. The chief asked residents if they noticed anything out of the ordinary at the fairgrounds in early February, to please let the police department know.

“If something doesn’t look quite right, it probably isn’t,” Toth said, “So let us know about it.”

He also reported that the Red Barrel should be operational inside the new police station in the lobby sometime next week. This barrel is a place to bring outdated prescription and over-the-counter drugs in pill form, he said, adding that people should not deposit needles or liquids of any kind into the container.

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