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Emergency outdoor warning siren test Saturday at noon

The Washtenaw County Emergency Operations Center will be conducting a test of  its 39 outdoor warning sirens on Saturday, Sept. 1, at noon.

There are three in Chelsea: one at the fairgrounds, one at Veterans Park and one at Washington and Freer, said Terri Royal, Chelsea city clerk/treasurer.

From March through September, the outdoor sirens are tested at high noon on the first Saturday of month.

However, if there is a threat of severe weather on the day of a test, it will be cancelled.

Sirens are activated for the following emergencies:

1.) The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning.

2.) A severe thunderstorm has been detected with damaging winds in excess of 70 m.p.h.

3.) A hazardous materials accident requires immediate protective action by the public.

4.) An attack on the United States is imminent, underway or has recently occurred.

If you hear the warning sirens immediately head inside and monitor local Emergency Alert System media outlets for official information.

Washtenaw County’s emergency broadcasters are: WEMU 89.1 FM, WWWW 102.9 FM, WQKL 107.1 FM, WTKA 1050 AM, and WLBY 1290 AM.

Keep in mind that these sirens are intended to warn people who are outside and because of their limited range, they may not be heard by residents who are inside their homes.

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