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Feb. 10: what’s for lunch at the Discovery Center

Courtesy photo by Tom Hodgson. The Discovery Center.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Kathy Claflin for the information in this story and the Waterloo Natural History Association for sponsoring it.)

On Sunday, Feb. 10 from 2-3 p.m. learn “What’s for Lunch” at the Discover Center.

It’s eat or be eaten in the Wild Kingdom.

Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo will bring live animals to show some of the amazing strategies they have for catching food and how they avoid becoming dinner themselves.

Learn about camouflage, stalking techniques, and more.

Cost: $2/person or $5/family.

Eddy Discovery Center, 17030 Bush Road in Sylvan Township.

Please register in advance at 734-475-3170.


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