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First-time reading of a play under consideration by Purple Rose Theatre

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Would you like to be part of a first-time reading of a play in progress?

On Saturday, Nov. 10 from 10:30-1 p.m., author Michael Brian Ogden will read an untitled play at the Chelsea District Library, which is under consideration for production at the Purple Rose Theatre.

Ogden is the author of “Bleeding Red” and “Corktown.”

”Nurse Rachel Migilny is ringing in the New Year with her husband and looking toward a bright future together when the unthinkable happens. Zombies attack. Flash forward to a post-zombie-apocalyptic society where a small band of survivors is trying to make their way to a safe zone where there may (or may not) be a cure. Will Rachel and her new-found allies survive the journey? This gripping new play pushes the bounds of theatrical conventions and asks audiences to go along for the ride.”

You can join the playwright and the director for the first public reading of this work-in-progress and give your feedback after the reading.

If you are interested, register here:

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