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Live in Balance Consulting: a nutrition and lifestyle company

Courtesy photo. Monica Gobba, owner of Live in Balance Consulting.

By Lisa Carolin

Monica Gobba is the owner of Live in Balance Consulting, a nutrition and lifestyle company that works with residents of Chelsea and the surrounding area.

Gobba specializes in three areas – nutrition, active lifestyle, and stress management.

“We first address nutrition and special dietary needs such as food allergies, intolerance, and dietary needs due to chronic illnesses,” said Gobba. “Once we have their nutrition aligned with their specific needs, then we address physical activity and a regular exercise route, and create a plan according to their goals.”

As far as stress management goes, every client program is different and is designed to meet specific goals.

“My mission is to help them achieve their nutrition and lifestyle priorities and to live the life they’ve always imagined for themselves,” said Gobba. “I created Live in Balance Consulting after working through my own health journey with food allergies and intolerances, and the strains it was putting on my body physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

Gobba realized that there were many people suffering with similar health issues and came to realize it was more than a 30-day program, but rather a way of living.

She chose to work in the Chelsea area because of all the resources available.

“The people of Chelsea make being a part of this community feel like family,” said Gobba.“The best part about what I do is that I can serve clients from any state or country. Consults can be done in person, by phone, with facetime or skyping.”

Gobba has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wayne State University, and has worked as a financial consultant for more than 20 years. She is a certified integrative health nutrition coach.

You can reach Live in Balance Consulting at 313-550-4693 or at [email protected].

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