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2 Chelsea School Board Members Lead Clinic Sessions at M.A.S.B. Leadership Conference

Courtesy photo. Kate Henson and Jason Eyster were featured speakers at the recent Michigan Association of School Boards four-day conference.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Mike Kapolka for the information in this story.)

Chelsea School District Board Members Kate Henson and Jason Eyster each led a clinic session at the state-wide Annual Leadership Conference of the Michigan Association of School Boards, held in Lansing on Nov. 9-12.

At this four-day conference, education professionals, administrators, and school board members spoke about a wide range of current issues. Presenters are selected after a competitive review process.

Chelsea was the only school in the state from which the presentations of two board members were selected.

In her presentation, “Assertiveness, Leadership and Influence for Women,” Henson used her experience and her education to provide a supportive space for participants to explore how emotional intelligence helps build sustainable relationships and resilience to combat stress. Participants also learned how to use positive intent and to find common ground to create mutually beneficial outcomes, addressing unique problems women face in the workplace.

Eyster led a collaborative session on interacting with community concerns in and outside of board meetings.

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