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Aug. 10: Adult Learners Institute Fall Kick-Off

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Joan Gaughan for the information in this story.)

The Adult Learners Institute (ALI) of Chelsea cordially invites you to its Fall Kick-Off on Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 10 a.m. in the McKune Room of the Chelsea District Library.

No, this is not about football or soccer. There will be no penalties, referees, two-point conversions, fumbles or overtime.

Instead, as our excellent instructors preview the classes, they will be teaching during the Fall 2021 term, you will be hearing about tap dance, musical theater, Cuba (yes, that Cuba), the Great Lakes, tessellations, beautiful gardens, Chelsea’s history and Christianity.

There will be refreshments and three $10 certificates will be awarded toward the Fall 2021 or the Winter/Spring 2022 classes. While registration will not be done at the Kick Off, you will be able to hand in your registration forms there, or you could just mail them in, too.  Catalogs have been mailed, but will also be available at various sites throughout the community in early August. You may also see the list of classes and obtain a catalog, calendar or registration form at

And you don’t know what a tessellation is? They are all around you.

Hope to see you on Aug. 10.

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