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4 thoughts on “Executive order requires facemasks be worn inside public places”

  1. Here is a prime example why she should not be in office. She is listening to one Dr. Instead of getting a variety of information. Mask work!!!! For the sick not the healthy.

  2. Governor Whitmer is following the best advice of medical professionals. As our chaplain here at Chelsea Retirement Community said, we wear the masks to protect OTHERS, not ourselves. The new studies on aerosols have added to the concern, and the governor is addressing those concerns. She has withstood insults and threats to keep us safe. I wish she had the support given Governor Cuomo in New York, the state that should serve as an example to us all.

  3. I’m no fan of the governor, but having people cover their mouths and noses will help reduce the spread from those that don’t know they’re infected yet. Makes sense to me.

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