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School district receives ‘unqualified’ opinion on its audit

File photo. Chelsea School Administration offices.

Chelsea School District officials received great news Monday, Oct. 22 from its auditing firm that not only did its books receive an “unqualified opinion,” but also its budgeting process was spot on.

Tracey Kasparek, the district’s auditor, told the Board of Education that “the district did a very good job of budgeting considering all the unknowns,” and it had come within $200,000 of where it was expected to end the year.

Click here Audit letters for the documents and here Audit 2 for the final audit documents.

“Everything went well as always,” Kasparek said, calling the district a “low-risk auditee” based on the accuracy of the last few year’s audits and the way the district’s finances have been handled by Teresa Zigman, executive director of business and operations for the district.

There were neither any “findings” nor problems during the audit, Kasparek said.

Trustee Jeff Crowder said having the ability to talk to someone outside the district about the school’s finances gave him an “ever greater confidence” in the way the district’s finances were handled.


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