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Letter to the Editor: Monthly Garden Weed Pickups

Dear Editor: This is in support of the item about monthly garden weed pickups. I’m not happy about it, either, and at first thought I might have misinterpreted the instructions. We’ve usually put some bags … Read more

Letter to the Editor: Opinions versus Facts

Dear Editor: Ms. Higgins’ letter highlighting the choice of words used by Mr. Sawicki in his letter to the editor are understandable. There is more than one answer to her two main questions. People took … Read more

Letter to the Editor: Civility Breeds Civility

Dear Editor: This is a personal response to the letter and personal opinion of Mr. Phil Sawicki. What is happening today in the Chelsea community is a reaction to problems and issues that have been … Read more

Letter to the Editor: An Unnecessary Emergency

Dear Editor: On September 8, 2021, the Chelsea City Council passed a resolution cancelling in-person Council meetings. For the remainder of the year, Council meetings will be conducted remotely using the Zoom application. After careful … Read more