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The Grosbeaks Are Here (with slideshow)

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson After an absence of more than 20 years, flocks of evening grosbeaks have returned. Several local feeder watchers are reporting them. Your feeder could be next. Faced with a … Read more

Meet the Boogie Woogy Bugs

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson While walking through the beech woods on the way to the bog at the Discovery Center this week, one is likely to encounter some dancing bugs, “Boogie Woogy” bugs … Read more

The Last Flower of the Season

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson It’s been a great fall season. Autumn leaf colors have been excellent and long lasting. Goldenrod and daisy-like asters have brightened area fields with their blossoms of yellow, pink, … Read more

This May Be An ‘Irruptive’ Year

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson What is an irruptive year? It is a year that feeder watchers love. This is when birds that live in the boreal forests of Canada and extreme northern U.S. … Read more

Bird Feeding Time Again (with slideshow)

By Tom Hodgson Some folks keep their seed feeders filled year around. I do not. I take mine down in early April and exchange them for oriole and hummingbird feeders. The orioles left us in … Read more

Fall Berries Are For The Birds (with slideshow)

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson There are a host of berry-producing shrubs and vines that provide a veritable banquet for both fall migrants and common backyard birds. Some we consider to be undesirables and … Read more

Walk in Fields Of Gold (with slideshow)

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson The song “Fields of Gold” is about two lovers walking through fields of barley.  Today, the “gold in them there fields” is more likely to be goldenrod. There are … Read more

Jewelweed: A Late-Summer Gem

By Tom Hodgson If only they were not so delicate, the blossoms of jewelweed could make a colorful set of dangle earrings, or perhaps a charm for a bracelet, or a pendant. They are not … Read more

Fall is the Squirrel-y Season (with slideshow)

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson The days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down, triggering hoarding instincts in our local squirrels. There are seven members of the squirrel family in our area. … Read more

Native Prairies Shine in Summer

Story and photos by Tom Hodgson The spring wildflower season is behind us, but summer blossoms are on display. From now until frost, our native prairies are ablaze with color. Thanks to the efforts of … Read more