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The Best of Chelsea: Chelsea Senior Center

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File photo of Senior Center.
File photo of Senior Center.

By Tim Bristle

The focus for this issue of The Best of Chelsea is on the Chelsea Senior Center (CSC).

Until we turn 18, I think most kids can’t wait to get “old enough.”After 18, however, for most of us, we aren’t so excited about getting older. However, when we are blessed enough to make it through life’s experiences and be called a “senior,” isn’t it nice to know there is an organization you can be a part of to feel like you belong and still have purpose?

The Senior Center gives people that sense of belonging and purpose. CSC helps to build our community by bringing people together for classes, fellowship, exercise and outreach.

Their mission is to promote, encourage and organize activities that address the physical, social and emotional concerns of Chelsea area senior citizens and their families.

CSC has been an invaluable resource for families in giving seniors a place to connect and belong, while taking a bit of stress away from children caring for aging parents. Seniors that are homebound get visits, calls and meals on wheels through the center. Seniors get assistance when needed with rides and small projects around the house, even things as simple as clearing the sidewalk in the snow.

Quilting, cooking, travel, painting, yoga and cards are just a small sampling of the activities they share. Seniors themselves get meaningful volunteering opportunities for their peers by offering skills and talents they have.

Almost 27 percent of our population is 60 years or older and the senior center has 819 members, I’d say that’s an awesome testament to the programs and support it offers those involved.

CSC supports the community in a variety of ways, one event; the annual expo brings businesses, organizations and the community together to showcase what they have to offer. CSC spends a great deal of time and effort planning and promoting this event.

Other ways CSC supports Chelsea is utilizing businesses in Chelsea for their events – from swimming at the Comfort Inn to bowling at Chelsea Lanes, or a simple lunch around town.

Thank you Chelsea Senior Center for supporting the Chelsea Community.

The Senior Center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and can be reached at 475-9242 or [email protected].

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