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WWRA: Creative ways to recycle; show us your repurposed ideas

Courtesy photo by Laura Scriven.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Laura Scriven and Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority for the information in this column.)

As I mentioned in last week’s article, I lived in South Korea for about 16 years. On my last trip to Seoul, just before moving from a small town in Korea back to Michigan, I stumbled upon a recycled at show on the busy downtown streets.

It was such a change from when I first went there when there was no concern for the environment or for recycling.

Courtesy photo by Laura Scriven.

There was a wonderful greenhouse made from water bottles. he colored tops were arranged to spell out, “Okay” on the inside of the green house. The plants had been growing in the greenhouse since they were seedlings.

One musically inclined artist made planters out of old guitars.

Another artist saw art in the spokes of an old bicycle tire and some used yarn.

I saw some amazing recycled art in Chelsea, when I first came back.

Does anyone remember this funny fish near Heydlauff’s made from old car parts?

Or this wall of recycled materials behind the clock tower buildings?

I have often tried to use old materials for purposes other than what they were first intended for. Of course, I have used different kinds of paper for wrapping gifts, making a personal statement for my friends, but I have also used buttons in mosaics, old shirts for quilts, broken dishes for planters, and reclaimed window shutters as wall art.

I would love to hear (and see photos) of creative ways in which you have reused or repurposed items.

Please send your suggestions and stories to Laura Scriven at [email protected]

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