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Surely you’ve seen all the pipeline work that’s been ongoing along the sides of the roads throughout the area.

Soon the Enbridge Energy Company pipeline work will involve road closures in a number of towns throughout Western Washtenaw County.

So, here are the most up-to-date locations and timelines for these closures. Keep in mind that the bad weather and other delays could mean changes in this schedule.

Freedom Township:

*Ellsworth Road between Rentz and Schneider roads on Jan. 22 for two days.

*Waters Road between Rentz and Haab roads on Jan. 24 for two days.

Lima Township:

*Jerusalem Road between Lima Center Road and Guenther on Jan 26 for two days.

*Trinkle Road between Dancer and Lima Center roads on Jan. 29 for two days.

*Beach Road between Dancer and Lima Center roads on Jan. 31 for two days.

Dexter Township:

*Colby Road between Donner and Dexter Town Hall roads on Feb. 2 for two days.

*Madden Road between Colby and Quigley roads on Feb. 5 for two days.

*Riker Road between Colby and Hay Rike Hollow on Feb. 7 for two days.

Lyndon Township:

*Joslin Lake Road between Embury and North Territorial roads on Feb. 9 for two days.

*Joslin Lake Road between Boyce and Kaiser roads on Feb. 12 for two days.

*Farnsworth Road between Boyce and Jaycox roads on Feb. 14 for two days.

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