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8th grader Kadin Campbell plants trees in city dog park as ‘Passion Project’

Courtesy photo. Beach Middle School student Kadin Campbell and his dog, Ember, planting trees at the Chelsea dog park.

By Lisa Carolin

Despite a shortened school year, Beach Middle School eighth-grader Kadin Campbell was able to do something meaningful with his final year at Beach. He raised funds through bake sales as well as a neighborhood can drive with the goal to buy trees for the Chelsea Dog Park.

Kadin and his family live close to the Chelsea Dog Park and like to visit with their two dogs.

Courtesy photo. Kadin Campbell hauls supplies into the dog park to plant trees.

“My mom said the dog park needed shade, and I agreed.” said Kadin, who got the idea to raise money from watching other kids successfully do so at Beach bake sales. I raised $274.51.”

His brother Chala, a Beach sixth-grader, helped with the bake sales, and his parents Lori and Shawn Campbell were his chauffeurs for the can drive.

“The sun really beats down on the park during the summer months, which can take the fun out of it for dogs and humans alike,” said Lori Campbell. “I bemoaned the lack of shade, and Kadin stepped up to fix the problem for his eighth-grade “Passion Project” at Beach Middle School.”

Through the Arbor Day Foundation, Kadin researched what trees would do best and selected specific locations for the trees, which he marked on a map.

“He put all his plans in a binder and met with Chelsea City Manager John Hanifan to pitch the idea,” said Lori Campbell. “John was wonderful with Kadin and very supportive. Kadin’s teacher advisor Mrs. (Kathryn) McCalla was also very supportive.”

Kadin Campbell hauls supplies to plant trees in the Chelsea City dog park.

Kadin was able to purchase six trees with the money he raised as well as fencing, posts, and compost, and with the help of his family, planted the trees in the dog park in early June.

The family is proud of Kadin’s accomplishment.

“That day I bemoaned the lack of shade he could have just said, ‘Sorry mom, that stinks,’” said Lori Campbell. “Instead he got to work and made a positive change for the community and environment.”

Kadin had $37.39 remaining and chose to donate the money to Mikey & Me dog rescue in Chelsea, where owner Dan DePew has invited Kadin to meet all of the dogs.

As far as the experience of raising money and following through on the project goes, Kadin says, “It took a while, but it was completed, and people will be able to enjoy the shade for years to come.”

Courtesy photo. Kadin Campbell with his dad Shawn, brother Chala and dog Ember.



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  1. Kadin, you exhibited many great qualities through this project. You are a listener, a problem-solver, industrious, committed, and caring. Thank you!

  2. Great job Kadin! The humans and dogs will enjoy those trees for many years to come. Thank you for working so hard to improve our community.

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