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April 22: Earth Day ideas from Chelsea High School Arbor Club

File Photo by Tom Hodgson. Fall tamaracks look like golden Christmas trees.

By Chelsea High School senior Reece Doss

With Earth Day coming up – Wednesday, April 22— below are some ideas to spur inspiration for activities to fill your day.

If you do participate in any of the ideas below, please take a quick picture and either email it to [email protected], post it to the CHS Alumni Arbor Facebook page, or Twitter using #earthday2020.

  • Make an Earth Day sign and place it in your window or yard. Check out Chelsea Zero Waste Coalition for ideas.
  • Go on a nature walk, but as you go on your walk, pick up trash that you see along the way
  • Do some gardening work, or start a garden if you don’t have one
  • Turn off your lights at a designated time
  • Go vegetarian for the day/ week
  • Plant a tree or any plant
  • Start composting or try it out for the week
  • Put up a birdhouse/ bird bath/ bird seed
  • Plant native plants in your yard and create a pollinator garden
  • Make Earth Day resolutions (shop second hand, buy reusable water bottles, sandwich baggies, and grocery bags) write them down to keep yourself on track. Check out these Earth Day Challenges.
  • Go through your closet and donate clothing
  • Read a book and skip the TV show/ movie
  • Go on a nature walk and ID invasive species using this DNR webpage. Their location can be reported to the DNR. If you are on your own property, you can take measures to remove them.

Have another Earth Day idea to share with the community? Post it in the comments section.

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