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Attention ChelseaUpdate newsletter subscribers

ChelseaUpdate readers who subscribe to the free daily newsletter will be receiving an email from us this week.

Keep your eyes open as this changeover takes place and, for a confirmation email about a change from the current newsletter to a new one called Mailchimp.

The change will begin taking place this week so please be on the lookout for your email requesting that you still want to receive the daily newsletter from us.

This new newsletter provider will give you the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe and/or change the email address where your ChelseaUpdate daily newsletter arrives.

If you have any questions about the email, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you.

This is the first big step in the redesign of the website, which is planned to be implemented between Christmas and the New Year.

We’re all very excited about these changes for readers.

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