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CAFA board approves appointment of a parliamentarian

(Publisher’s note: Harold Moore is a former attorney and former judge in New York State, who gave up his law license in 1970 when he moved to Michigan.)

By a 3-2 vote, the Chelsea Area Fire Authority Board approved the addition of Harold (Hal) Moore as a parliamentarian to assist members when they need guidance on parliamentary rules and procedures.

At the CAFA board meeting Tuesday morning at Sylvan Township Hall, Moore was introduced as having lived in Chelsea for eight years. He’s a former practicing attorney and former judge and professor who took a class in “Robert’s Rules of Order” while in college in Vermont.

He had with him a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order” from 1953.

“A parliamentarian can help, (move a meeting forward)  but doesn’t say a word unless asked,” Moore said.

Chairman Rod Anderson, Craig Maier and Jamie Bollinger voted in favor of the appointment while Kurt Koseck and John Francis voted against it.


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