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Cyber Monday: shop locally, help globally at Global Marketplace

Global Marketplace.

On Cyber Monday, you can still shop locally and help globally by ordering from Global Marketplace, which has a new online shopping experience.

The fair trade store has a brick and mortar presence at 115 W. Middle Street and a new online store at

Kevin and Denise Frahm bought the store on Jan. 1 from its nonprofit board when it was called Mission Marketplace.

“The nonprofit board is now a local education and advocacy group,” Denise Frahm says.

Since then, the husband and wife rebranded the store, redesigned the logo, created a new brochure and changed the name. Plus, they recently added an online store, which sells items that aren’t carried in the store. Among them are additional rings and bracelets, art carvings, cut metal sculptures from Haiti, telephone wire baskets from South Africa and recycled purses.

“We’re excited to expand the shopping experience that’s supported by the Chelsea Community,” he says, explaining that many times, local people bring visiting friends into the store.

Pretty sweaters.

“Now they can shop from their homes – whether they live in New England or Texas or California,” and have the items delivered to their doorsteps, Kevin says.

Both owners say they are excited about the new venture, which was Denise’s idea. “Denise has been pushing for an online store and she’s the guiding force,” Kevin says.

They brought in Alan Scafuri, a Chelsea resident, to design the site.

Kevin Frahm says, “I’m not sure yet how labor intensive it (the website) will be because it’s so new. So, be patient and be kind; we are 100 percent committed to customer satisfaction.”

He describes it as a “really robust website with projects for kids and resources for homeschoolers.”

Denise Frahm.

Plus, they hope that the site will “create advocates for fair trade.”

“Global Marketplace is a community marketplace that sells many handcrafted items made by economically impoverished people in developing regions of the world,” according to the store’s new brochure.

It offers everything from coffee to knitwear, jewelry to scarves, chocolate, sculpture, hanging balls and cards.

“Our goal is to create economic opportunities for craftspeople around the world through the practice of fair trade and attempt to increase global understanding by telling these talented artisans’ stories,” the store’s brochure states.

The store is open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday, noon-5 p.m.

Kevin Frahm speaks with customers inside Global Marketplace.
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