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Did you know that Faith in Action loans out durable medical equipment?

Photo by Lisa Carolin. A look inside the durable medical closet at Faith in Action. These are some of the items that are loaned to people for free.

By Lisa Carolin

Not everyone knows about the closet that Faith in Action that houses durable medical equipment. That equipment is loaned out free of charge.

That means medical supplies come in and out of Faith in Action every day, and are available to anyone who stops by.

The most popular items in the medical closet are walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, bath/shower benches, and bedside commodes.

Faith in Action does not accept all medical supplies. Those that are not accepted include orthopedic appliances such as orthotic boots, oxygen supplies, cpap machines, and advanced medical supplies.

Those interested in borrowing a piece of equipment are asked to check in with a Faith in Action volunteer when they arrive, who will help them locate what they need, and will also ask them to fill out a form indicating what they have borrowed. You can borrow items indefinitely with the knowledge that the system works best when items are returned when you are finished with them.

Whether you want to check to see if a medical item is available, or to find out if FIA will accept a medical donation, you can always call FIA at 734-475-3305.


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