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Help celebrate the ‘semi-retirement’ of Dr. Art Tremper

Dr. Art Tremper.
Dr. Art Tremper.

From 1,100-pound cows to 11-pound canines, Dr. Art Tremper has spent the last 46 years tending to their care at Lane Animal Hospital.

He doesn’t regret a moment of his decision to become a veterinarian but he’s decided that this is the best time to cut back his hours and spend more time with his children and grandchildren.

“I am 70 years old, and while I have no regrets about my choice of profession, I realize that many other important things in life were sacrificed,” he says in an email to clients.

“I was on call this past Thanksgiving, and having to leave my family and guests at the dinner table to go into the office was a small reminder of these things,” he says, adding, “Sometimes I feel like I was only a bystander in my kid’s lives, and I want these things to be different in my grandkids lives.”

The decision, he says, “has been a very emotional one for me and I have second-guessed myself many times. But, I’m sure, ultimately, that it is the right one. I am excited about the changes in my life. If I don’t make them now, I never will.”

And, as the New Year dawned this week, “Dr. T” began his semi-retirement, from his first (and only) job after graduating from Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine in the late 1960’s.

Dr. T graduated in December, 1967 and began practicing with Wilfred C. Lane on Jan. 2, 1968. The two spent most of their time out on large animal farm calls.

Back then, he says, the veterinary practice had a lot of large animal clients – horses, dairy cows, and sheep. But in the 1980’s and ‘90’s, more small animals – dogs and cats – were coming through the door.

Then five or six years ago, he says, the veterinary practice discontinued its large animal practice all together to focus exclusively on small animals.

“I still miss it,” he says of the farm calls, but a large number of farms sold out, and he found himself spending more and more time in the office.

“Many of you have heard that I am planning to retire, and I would like to clarify things,” he said in an email to clients. “I will continue working on a limited basis (probably at least one day per week) for the foreseeable future.”

Dr. T says he wants to spend more time with his family, something that he wasn’t able to do a lot of with his own three children while being on call and practicing veterinary medicine for all these years.

He’s got three grandchildren he’d like to spend more time with and perhaps do a little traveling as well.

The northern New Jersey native says he always liked animals growing up and spent time as a kennel boy for a veterinarian in Cedar Grove, NJ, but when he got to MSU, it was the large animals that captured his interest.

He and Dr. Wilfred Lane went out on the farm calls and they were joined by Dr. Robert Bowers in 1973. He preferred the small animals, so it was a perfect additional.

The practice grew to include Wilfred’s son, Dr. John Lane in 1995 and his wife, Dr. Margaret Lane in 1996.

For years, it was Dr. Wilfred Lane’s dream to open a beautiful new animal hospital across the street from the space 3,000 space that was next to his home.

Sadly, Dr. Wilfred Lane died in 1996, and the new hospital opened in late 2001.

“It was always his dream and he never saw it materialize,” Dr. T said.

And now a new veterinarian, Dr. Holly Andrick, has joined the practice.

“I know she will do an excellent job, and continue the philosophy and standards of care established by Dr. Wilfred C. Lane 60 years ago,” Dr. T said in an email.

Andrick graduated from MSU in June, and “was almost immediately thrust into working some very long hours, which she handled very well, during my extended illness last summer,” Dr. T said.

He says he’s grateful to all the clients who have been a part of his life all these years and although he admits, “I don’t favor cats because dogs are easier to get along with,” he has a calico cat, as well as a Labrador retriever and two horses, at home.

Lane Animal Hospital is planning a special open house for Dr. T on Saturday, Jan. 11 from 1-4 p.m. at the animal hospital and everyone’s invited to celebrate the life and times and many hours he’s spent caring for animals large and small.

And, you can meet Dr. Holly, talk with all the doctors and technical staff and enjoy light fare, too.

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8 thoughts on “Help celebrate the ‘semi-retirement’ of Dr. Art Tremper”

  1. Best Wishes, Dr. Tremper, enjoy your family, friends and down time. It is well deserved. Thank you for all the times you have come to my (my families) rescue, if even in the middle of the night, in winter, to walk circles in a pasture. I have learned a lot from you over the years, and nice to know you will still be around every now and then.

    Kind Regards,
    Pam Janisse & Family

  2. Denise and I have known Doc Tremper for many years, and have always enjoyed his professionalism and sense of humor. We wish him the best, and hope that he is able to enjoy his “semi” retirement. We will definitely miss seeing him at Lane Animal Hospital. He’s always been one of the “best” vets in Chelsea. We know that Humphrey and Bogart will miss him, too!

  3. I’ve been taking my pets to Lane Animal Hospital since moving to Chelsea over 17 years ago. Dr. Tremper has been wonderfully kind and patient and knowledgeable in the care of our animals. Although we will miss seeing him, we wish him the best always. He deserves the time to rest after years of long hours, and we know he will enjoy more time with his family.

  4. Best Wishes Dr. Tremper. Thank you for all of your kind, compassionate care of all of our animals. From the joy of a new pet to the difficult passing of a cherished 4 legged companion, you and the staff at Lane’s have always been so supportive and professional in your treatment of our pets. Enjoy your well deserved time off duty with your family and friends.

  5. Hi, Art, from your eldest nephew in New York (or anywhere!). I’ll always remember my brother and I going out on a “large animal” call with you at a farm there in Michigan. It was one summer when we visited, probably in the 70s. I recall you having to pull on an arm’s length glove to “inspect” a cow’s uterus and that was a procedure I’ll never forget witnessing. Enough of the gorey details… I just wrote to say best wishes and relaxation on your semi-retirement; it’s well deserved! We hope to see you and Lee next summer if you make it out again.
    With love,
    Dave and Vicky

  6. Best wishes to Dr. Tremper. Ever since I was a little girl, our family always had you out to care for our horses. And it didn’t stop with me as an adult with horses. You always put a smile on my face with your warm friendliness. I now live far away, but have never forgotten you and Lane Animal Hospital and all of your wonderful kindness and great work.

  7. Art, Best wishes in your retirement. Amazing how fast the years go by. It seems only yesterday we were room-mates at the (in)famous Gunson house. We had lots of good times there. Now maybe we can find a way to get together.
    Congratulations Dr. Tremper!

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