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Letter to the Editor: Secrets add to Community’s Divide

Dear Editor:

Recently reading the article in the Chelsea Update – 9 June 2021 – providing information about the accomplishments of Chelsea Area One World One Family (OWOF) allowed some insights into the accomplishments of this organization.

Donating books is admirable for as a former teacher I know you can’t have enough books for a wide variety of students and learning objectives.

There is a long list of what this organization provides the community, some easy to agree with and see the benefit of while others not so much so.

This community has been torn apart.

I listened to Ms. Ladio address council on the 19th of July. She assured it wasn’t council member Pacheco who wrote the divisive letter that rips this community into pieces nor any member of the board of OWOF. However, she didn’t disclose who the author or authors of the letter are. Her claim for keeping this secret is for the protection of the writer (or writers).

It surely sounds to my ears that Ms. Ladio believes she is doing what is best for the community. Keeping secret who wrote – from what I can tell is a diatribe – only keeps that accusatory letter alive. 

Ms. Ladio speaking for OWOF it appears believes she and the organization she represents have the right to “tease” the public by deciding for us all who should know what and when.

Honest dialogue is open and clear. If one fears for their safety then don’t enter the discussion.

Keeping secrets is a way to divide. To accuse without evidence is to divide. Endorsing breaking of the law without accepting the consequences is a tool to divide.

Ms. Ladio and OWOF could go a long way to easing the community tension if they would cease operating with the notion they know best about what the public should or should not know.

If one writes a letter about the community of Chelsea then injects that letter into a serious discussion, it is cowardly and divisive to keep secret who wrote the letter that continues to fuel division in this community.

If the air is to be cleared, a good place to begin is to admit Chelsea OWOF has performed some admirable goals and should be recognized for such.

However, some of the goals are questionable and it is not community enhancing to keep secrets under the guise that OWOF knows best what the public should or should not know.

It’s sad that the community of Chelsea has grown so divisive. Ending the secrecy would go a long way to at least have people talk rationally.

Yet I wonder if the “secret” is just a deflection to cease further examination about the role of OWOF has in the current conflict. Secrets only make community openness and acceptance all the more difficult to achieve.

If the community is to come together secrets must go. Leadership of a community-centered organization should know better. 

Thank You.

Michael D. McIntosh


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