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Local restaurants begin highlighting tasty, nutritious menu offerings

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Dan Kaminsky for the information in this story.)

The Eat Better Subcommittee of the Chelsea Wellness Coalition is working with several local restaurants to provide healthier eating options.

Some of the participating restaurants are Back to the Roots, Cleary’s Pub, Mikes Deli, Thompson’s Pizza and the Arctic Breakaway.

This intervention is a part of the coalition’s Comprehensive Wellness Plan, which you can see it here.

“The goal of the program is to provide restaurant eaters with healthier eating options for those concerned with losing or maintaining weight, lower calorie intake and eat more nutritiously,” said Dan Kaminsky, Chelsea coalition member.

“It’s important to work with restaurants to offer salads, and soups, smaller portions combined with a salad or soup, and to provide green colorful veggies as an alternative to fried side items,” he said.

Identifying healthier meals on the menus is one of the main concerns of the Eat Better Committee.  Some restaurants might be listing their healthier items on a weekly special sheet, while others will use table top cards.

Several restaurants like the Arctic Breakaway and Cleary’s Pub saw this as an opportunity to introduce exciting tasty interesting new menu items.

The Chelsea Wellness Coalition suggests these alternatives for people who eat out:

•             Ordering grilled meat is a great alternative to fried

•             Chicken and fish instead of beef

•             Vinaigrette dressings are healthier than creamy dressings

•             Fresh or steamed vegetables instead of French fries.

•             Consider taking some half of your meal home to enjoy the next day.

Restaurant managers acknowledge that many customers want to eat healthier and so it’s important to have fresh salads, lean grilled proteins, and to be ready with the broccoli and carrots for them.

However, the long-term success of the program will depend on customers. If people want to eat healthier, options are now there.


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