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Publisher’s message: Lima Township Board primary Aug. 4

Dear Readers:

Chelsea Update has always included Lima Township as part of its coverage area for township readers.   

Among those Lima Township stories should have been a candidate profile story for those who are running for office in the August primary.

I blew it. With all I’ve had to publish during this pandemic, I failed to send out questionnaires to the candidates running in the August primary so there was no candidate story.

Tuesday, I received a letter that included the platforms of some of the candidates running for office in Lima Township, and it published today.

It’s always been my policy to run any letters to the editor provided the opinion writer included their name and address.

Since I failed to provide a candidate story for Lima Township voters, and in the interest of fairness to everyone running, I am appealing to all the candidates who are running for office in Lima Township for the Aug. 4 primary to please send a letter to the editor with your platforms to [email protected] by 5 p.m. Friday. I will publish what is sent through Sunday.

This was the best solution I could think of to provide Lima residents with candidate information, and to add my apology to those folks who have already voted absentee.

So, if you know any of the candidates, please let them know about this opportunity and urge them to send me a letter to the editor with their platforms.

I know this is very short notice but under the circumstances, it was the best solution I could come up with.

Those running for Lima Township office in the August primary are:

Lima Township:

Clerk: Elaine Bater R*

Supervisor: Craig Maier R*, Duane Luick R (vote for 1)

Treasurer: Nanette Havens R*

Trustee: Greg McKenzie R, Bob Spink R, Dale Luick R (vote for 2)

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1 thought on “Publisher’s message: Lima Township Board primary Aug. 4”

  1. This is way to late in this day of absentee ballots! Virtually all of these candidates have made ZERO effort to communicate with the voters. That’s what happens when most run unopposed. Unfortunately, if nobody voted for them, they would still vote for themselves and get elected!

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