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Publisher’s message: please donate to Chelsea Update’s continued coverage

Yup, it’s time again.

My least favorite column to write.

But for the many, many thousands of folks who read Chelsea Update every day, I hope it serves as a nudge to make a donation to help me continue providing your daily Chelsea community coverage 365 days a year.

For those of you new to reading Chelsea Update (and there are many of you) this online news source is essentially a one-person operation. I have no investors, its completely independent, and is my full-time giveback commitment to this community.

But I need your help. Its continued existence depends on donations from its readers. The business community is great about supporting my efforts with ads, but I need you to step up and write a check, too.

If Chelsea Update has assisted you or your church or your organization in any way, please consider supporting its continued efforts.

I make it as simple as possible with a donate button on the site (and you can make your Paypal donation recurrent there as well) or you can write a check made out to Chelsea Update in any amount and mail it to 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

Please, do it today while you are thinking about it.  

If everyone who reads Chelsea Update would make even a small donation, I wouldn’t have to continually write these begging columns. I hate doing it. And, it takes away from time I could spend providing you with news from the Chelsea community.

If enough donations come in, it would allow me to hire more freelancers to even expand coverage into the nearby townships next year. But that is up to you, the readers.

I work super hard every day to provide this community with all the news that’s fit to publish every day, so please consider making a donation. But also know that it is not tax deductible.

And for those of you who like numbers, as of this writing, I have published 15,583 stories and 1,026 photo galleries since Chelsea Update’s website was redesigned. There are typically an average of 5-7 stories published every day, many times more.

Not bad for a little one-person operation, huh? Please help me continue.

I’d also like to thank the following people who recently donated:

  • Stephanie and Larry Doll
  • Wendy Reinhardt
  • Jenn Ridley
  • Gretchen Zale
  • Joan and Edward Driscoll
  • Neil and Janis Horning
  • Fred Barkley
  • Dana McGrath
  • Diane Weld
  • Steve and Dayle Wright
  • Malinda McCain
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2 thoughts on “Publisher’s message: please donate to Chelsea Update’s continued coverage”

  1. Thank you, Lisa, for all of the hard work you do and for the service you provide. Best wishes to you and yours- Buzz, too!

  2. I would like to challenge all of our citizens of Chelsea to make a donation to Chelsea Update. This publication is too important to lose and is welcome to receiving local news without the BS we are seeing in the other news outlets.

    I am a Vietnam Veteran, a retiree on a limited budget. Please give.

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