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Reggie Raccoon Says: Spring is arriving, it’s time for lots of recycling activity

Reggie the Recycling Raccoon.
Reggie the Recycling Raccoon.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Frank Hammer for the information in this column.)

It is a wonderful time of year when the buds start forming and the birds can be heard chirping.  Everyone is refreshed and dealing with clutter that built up over the winter and deciding to dispose of things that broke last year.

Ah, classic spring cleaning.

When you tackle that mudroom or garage, please send the recyclables to WWRA. But also please be respectful, and send trash to the dump. Reggie will be exploring some of the ins and outs of materials during the next few weeks, or you can always call WWRA at 475-6160, or check out our website.

Another spring activity is moving, whether locally or out of town. If you live in the city, you received a free curbside recycling container, which belongs to your home, not to you.  Please safeguard it from movers, who tend to pack anything in sight.

Courtesy photo. Baling twine that wound up in the recycling and caused quite a problem with the equipment.
Courtesy photo. Baling twine that’s been winding up in the recycling stream recently has caused quite a problem with the equipment.

If you are moving, you might think to use it to transport stuff to your new place.  If you do use it, be kind enough to return it to your old place and its new residents. WWRA purchases these in bulk about once a year, in the fall, and if you need a new one at your new home, call and get your name on the list.

They are a big cost item, but WWRA makes one free container available to each dwelling. However, new owners may have to wait a year or more, if you take their container. Reggie also  reminds folks that curbside recycling can still be done with other containers.

If you have old furniture or other large household items you are not taking with you, they should either be donated to charity or taken to the transfer station.  Please do not leave them at WWRA bins as we are not set up to effectively manage these items.

In addition, a large amount of used baling twine has been dumped into the recycling bins during the last six weeks. WWRA cannot recycle this material. In fact, it tangles in the equipment and removing it took a long time and many man hours. Please remember, if it is flexible, it cannot be recycled.

Below is a list of things to donate or trash.

  • Tires, rubber garden hoses and foam rubber (including cushions and mattresses)
  • Couches, chairs, beds, wooden cabinets, sinks, toilets and construction waste
  • Stoves, refrigerators, microwaves or any other appliance
  • Visqueen, bubble wrap, pool covers or any other soft flexible plastics
  • Light bulbs of any kind
  • Bags made with plastic liners
  • Heavy waxed cardboard boxes from meat or fruit
  • Toxic chemicals or paint
  • Electronic equipment

If you can wait until early May, Reggie plans to help WWRA coordinate a community Spring clean-up day, when you can deliver these things for proper disposal. In the meantime, you can always take them to the transfer station at 8027 Werkner Road.

Reggie Raccoon’s Royal Recycling Review:

  •   Recycling puts materials back into use; trash is for things that cannot be used again.
  •   Flexible plastic of all kinds go in the trash, not in the recycling bins.
  •   Styrofoam and Polystyrene are good for packaging, but have to go to the trash.
  •   Plastics 1 and 2 can live anew, but 3 to 8 just don’t rate.
  •   Most other plastics are recyclable—but never foam rubber, garden hoses, or flexibles.
  •   Be a recycling consumer. Let businesses know you want recyclable containers and thank those establishments that provide them.
  • Baling twine is not recyclable nor is any other flexible plastic.
  • A good spring cleaning requires responsible decisions: Recycle all you can, throw or donate the rest.

Reggie Re-lert:

All plastic bags can now go back to their source — participating grocery stores.

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