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Reggie the Recycling Racoon re-lert: all hard plastics can now be recycled

Reggie the Recycling Raccoon.
Reggie the Recycling Raccoon.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Frank Hammer and the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority for the information in this story.)

Several months ago, regular readers of Reggie’s review will recall that the case was made for trashing, not recycling, plastics 3 through 8—“3 through 8 just didn’t rate.”
(The numbers refer to those found in the little triangle on the bottom of the plastic product.)

This was because WWRA had no market for selling those plastics, and had to pay the cost of land-filling them. This caused confusion and consternation for our faithful users, as well as for WWRA.

Reggie is happy to announce that a market has been found. It’s not a very good market, and WWRA barely breaks even. However, the citizen board has decided to opt for this solution, as it provides a way to recycle the plastics and keeps the items out of the landfill. Plus, it’s a better service for our supporters, and for our community.

Notice this is only a change for hard plastics.  Flexible plastics, like visqueen, drop cloths, tablecloths and all plastic bags, should still be sent to the trash.  Also, all Styrofoam goes to the trash.

Reggie is working on developing some Styrofoam markets, and will put out a Reggie Re-lert if one can be successfully organized.  But for now—please help by throwing all Styrofoam away.

Reggie has put pen to paper again, with a new rhyme to help you remember:

Trash is a must
If it’s foamy or flexible
But if it is hard
It is recyclable.

Reggie’s Royal Review:  WWRA continues to search for new and improved markets, and Reggie will let you know in a Reggie Re-lert about changes in what can be recycled.

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