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Seitz’s Tavern sold and will close

Courtesy photo. Randy Seitz.

By Lisa Carolin

One of downtown Chelsea’s historic businesses is closing. Randy Seitz, owner of Seitz’s Tavern, is selling the 103-year-old business.

Seitz, who is 65, has been working at the family business for 45 years.

“My heart isn’t in it anymore,” said Seitz, who recently had triple bypass surgery. “I’ve been here my whole life. There’s too much to keep going on with. It’s tiring.”

He calls Seitz Tavern a “working man’s bar”.

“Chelsea has completely changed, and it’s very yuppy now,” said Seitz. “Business is up and down and it’s not predictable anymore.”

He says an investor is buying the building and will have someone else run the new business, which will be a sandwich shop restaurant.

“We wanted to sell everything all at once-the building and the business,” said Seitz. “What I’ll miss most are the people.”

The tavern was purchased by Randy’s grandfather George Seitz in 1916 from Tommy McNamara, when it was located across the street. George Seitz then bought the building at 110 W. Middle St., where the business remains.

In 1948, Randy’s father, Junior Seitz, returned from serving in World War II and took over the business. Randy came aboard in the mid-1970s.

Randy Seitz says he plans to stay in the Chelsea area and hopes to get a less stressful job.

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17 thoughts on “Seitz’s Tavern sold and will close”

  1. what is happening to the bar I hope it is going to be donated to the historical group. The bar is chelsea

  2. We certainly hope the Chelsea Area Historical Society will be remembered when the bar closes. Keith is right, Seitz Tavern is an important part of Chelsea history. I understand Randy’s reasons for selling, but it will be sadly missed by all.
    I do hope that as much of the building, inside and out, can be kept intact and adapted to its new use. That will ease the pain of Seitz’s passing. Also, I do hope the hot roast beef sandwich tradition will continue with the new place.

  3. Randy, thank you for the years of your service and for maintaining a piece of Chelsea. Good luck in your new adventures.

  4. So sorry to say “good bye” to the beef plate on Saturday-when my sons are in town, that is our lunch date- I wish you the best of everything, Randy.

  5. Dear Lisa,

    Do you remember me from the Chelsea Standard? When you stated that Seitz’s was located across the street, I wish you had provided an address.

    Happy to see your name again. I have fond memories of you.

    Michael Rybka

  6. To think of all the Chelsea-ites and Veterans over the years that have graced the floor and the bar of Seitzs is astounding. Generation after generation have gathered to talk about wars, family, life and their hometown. If walls could talk. A very big thank you and just so much gratitude to the Seitz family for giving us a place to go, where everyone knows your name. Thank you Randy.

  7. So sorry to hear this!!! I know how you feel Randy have a great retirement!!! From an old classmate 1972!!!

  8. Randy, My best memories are having my first legal beer with my Dad, Dick Watson standing at the bar! I loved listening to his friends talking about WWII and their stories. Some great games of euchre were played there.
    Your father and you served Chelsea splendidly and I’m wishing you the best.

  9. Chelsea has changed so much, it’s loosing the small farm community feel it use to have. When everyone knew everyone. Walk in town & its becoming yuppie, people with money that are stuck up & not friendly come to visit for the day. Good for businesses but us locals seem to be being push a side. I don’t blame you, life is to short. Go enjoy life & not having the stress of running the place on your shoulders daily. If only those walls could talk, the stories it could share from over the years

  10. I wish you the very best in your retirement. You and Dawn will be in my prayers. Paul used to take son Jim there for some sandwich and they loved going there. You will be missed but you are loved.

  11. Thanks Randy and family for my 40 years of Saturday Beef Plate memories.
    Our family has 3 generations of Seitz’s memories that we’ll cherish forever.
    It all started when my I was 18 and my best friends dad said we could have his U. Of M. Football tickets if we met him at Seitz’s Tavern for lunch before the game.

  12. Randy Seitz enjoy your retirement from your wonderful business is Chelsea. I loved that you embraced the Wine Women & Shopping. And the fact everyone loves you and your wonderful business. That is one of the many reason so many come to be a part of Chelsea.
    Randy enjoy your retirement! Pam & Bill Conn

  13. Will miss you Randy. Seldom returned to Chelsea but when we did, you were always our first stop!! Carl and I had some great times there – so did my kids and my oldest Granddaughter when she was just a little tyke. I remember her sitting on the brass rail and her little butt slid and she got stuck between the bar and the rail. You used to give her Chee-tos when we brought her in. Now Kimberly is married and has 4 children of her own! Will always miss you!! Enjoy your retirement.

  14. What a great place, going to miss it. First time I went there I met the entire cast of escanaba in the moonlight. Great time. But yes Chelsea has went all yuppy

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