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Possible new plans for former Reddeman Farms

By Lisa Carolin

A special land use application for Jim and Darlyn Daratony at 555 S. Dancer Road, was thoroughly discussed by Lima Township Planning Commission members along with the couple, who were present at the commission’s April 22 meeting.

That is the same property where Reddeman Farms Golf Course was located. Its club house burned down in August of 2017.

Paul Montagno, a planner from Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Inc., presented a number of conditions for the special land use application that included no more than 12 non-equestrian events per year, only low intensity recreation activities, no camping, no amplified music permitted outdoors, and that a representative of the owners must be available on the premises as a contact during any event.

The commission voted 4-2 (Nanette Havens and William Coltre against, Howard Sias recused himself) to grant the special use permit, but not before a number of people spoke up on both sides of the matter.

Using the property as an events barn was the main concern for both planning commission members and neighbors, mostly due to noise and traffic. Lima Township Supervisor Craig Maier, who was present at the meeting, said it was important to consider whether the event barn would supplement equestrian events, questioning its primary use.

The Daratonys asked for a compromise that would allow them to have 18 non-equestrian events per year, but planning commission members voted to limit non-equestrian events to 12 per year when they approved the permit.

In other action, the Planning Commission approved (Marlene Consiglio recused herself)  making a recommendation to the Lima Township Board to approve a preliminary site plan and petition to amend the official zoning map for Galanis Investments LLC. The property is located at 10000 Jackson Road. Montagno told the Planning Commission that there are still a number of details to work through before a final site plan could be approved.

Also, the Planning Commission approved an application from Ann Arbor Electric, located at 13400 Luick Dr., to expand its building, which is in a light industrial zoning district and used as a training facility for electricians.

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4 thoughts on “Possible new plans for former Reddeman Farms”

  1. Actually, what was approved was a new special use permit for a commercial horse stable. Non-equestrian events were included by the applicant as an accessory use. The resolution included limits on hours of operation and an agreement for the applicants to contribute to local road maintenance, among other things. A limit on the number of equestrian events was also discussed, but not included in the final resolution.

  2. May I say how refreshing it is to read a local news article that is grammatically correct and well written. Thanks Lisa and Lisa! You do a great job.

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