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Transformational Choices new Chelsea business

By Lisa Carolin

Transformational Choices, which specializes in counseling and therapy services, has recently opened an office in Chelsea.

It’s located at 140 W. Middle St., Suite C, with onsite parking and a staff that works daytime, evening and weekend hours.

Its mission is to provide affordable and comprehensive mental health services designed to meet the unique needs of each person. The staff are all masters-level clinicians including Kristen McCurry, the executive director.

“Transformational Choices offers mindful and holistic counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples, kids, and families,” said McCurry. “Our staff are fully and independently licensed to practice clinical therapy, and offer everything from play therapy for kids, to couple’s counseling, to a range of evidence-based therapeutic techniques designed uniquely for each individual client.” 

The company opened in 2013 in Plymouth and expanded to Monroe, Ann Arbor, Southfield, and now Chelsea.

“We know people in the communities we serve before we make a move,” said McCurry. “Chelsea feels like a second home for some of us. Zou Zou’s sandwiches, the donuts from Chelsea Bakery, the best brews and music from the Chelsea Alehouse-we were already familiar with the delights Chelsea has to offer before we thought of moving in!”

Transformational Choices uses a “whole person” approach, which means that therapists work with clients’ biological, psychological, environmental, and social needs to achieve optimal mental wellness.

“We consider each of our clients to be the expert in their own lives, and believe that positive growth only happens when therapist and client are working together with mutual respect and collaboration,” said McCurry.

Transformational Choices partners with many insurance companies, and offers sliding scale reduced rates based on income for those who don’t have insurance or choose not to use it.

McCurry says that many of their clients are preparing for a transition in their lives such as a job, relationship, or any sort of life change.

“Sometimes our clients don’t know exactly what change they want to make, but they’ve become aware of feelings like anxiety or depression nudging them to think about trying something new,” said McCurry. “That’s where we come in. We can offer professional insights and ideas for our clients, and collaboratively work with each client to make a uniquely tailored plan for the next steps that will help them reach their goals.

You can contact Transformational Choices at 734-559-3540 or at

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