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Update on delivery of new WWRA recycling bins

Here’s an update on the delivery of the three sizes of single stream recycling bins from the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority.

Chelsea residents who ordered the new 24-gallon recycling bins should now have them by now.

“The 64-gallon size arrived Monday and all 500 were unassembled,” said Frank Hammer, chairman of the WWRA board. “We had to put the lids and the wheels on them, and they are in the process of being delivered.”

Hammer said the 35-gallon size have not arrived yet and he asks that residents please be patient.

If people have not received the bins that they ordered, Hammer said they can use the current buckets and all acceptable items can be comingled.

“We have people doing that already,” he said.

Residents on the west side of the city have their recycling picked up on Wednesdays and those on the east side see the WWRA trucks on Thursdays.

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