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WWRA: Recycled numbers

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Laura Scriven and Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority for the information and photos in this story.)

The numbers are in for 2012.

Recycling in bails.

At Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority the last few months have seen a lot of changes and it is exciting to see what those changes mean in black and white.

It has been a great couple of months with the whole community pulling together to help make single-stream recycling a success.

The remaining bins should be in within the next month and we will get them out to those who have requested them as soon as possible. And then we will be getting started on tours at the site and other educational activities.

If you are interested in a tour or a program please contact WWRA using the email address below.

Here are the WWRA numbers for 2012.

WWRA statistics for 2012

MaterialTonsPrice/Ton(yearly average)
#8 News (Newsprint)912.00$84.94
OCC (Cardboard)1324.00$67.04
MWL (Unused white paper)188.00$131.00
High Density Polyethylene Dairy (milk jugs)33.67$610.75
High Density Polyethylene Color (other plastics)16.60$456.33
PET Curbside (Soda, water bottles)33.35$393.70
Rigid/Mixed (Plastics)42.00$40.48
Mixed 1-7 (recyclable plastic)175.00$181.05


Recycled stuff.

The total number of tons taken in at WWRA for 2011 was 3104 tons.

In 2012, even though recycling was shipped out for more than four weeks while the line was changed over to single-stream, was 3299.77 tons.

That’s a significant increase and we are looking forward to an even greater total next year.

In our continued effort to find new items and new ways to recycle, we are now accepting old cell phones. There will be a drop box at the site on Werkner Road for the phones, and they will be refurbished and sent to our troops overseas.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Laura Scriven at [email protected]

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