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Letter to the Editor: ‘Be Like Bruce’

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(Publisher’s note: Bruce Szcodronski would have been 61 years old on Oct. 17, 2017, and Paul Schissler sent a copy of what he wrote and said at Bruce’s funeral in August.  He hopes his words will give comfort to those grieving and healing.)

Be Like Bruce.

Be kind. Be a patient mentor. Be a solid coach. Encourage everyone you cross paths with. Forgive everyone.

Respect every job and everyone who works at them. Work tirelessly to make your community better for everyone who works there, lives, there, visits there.

Maybe some of them will stay to help you.

Love your family. Fiercely, gently, passionately, proudly.

Be Like Bruce.

Love your friends. Laugh and party with them. Work alongside them when they need your help. Let them help you when you’re the one in need.

Know and feel the bad stuff, but work around it humbly, selflessly and willingly giving away your heart, your time, your talent and what treasure you can spare.

Be Like Bruce and do it all with plenty of warm smiles, big hugs, kind words and a few knowing winks.

Be Like Bruce.

Enjoy every breath.


Be Like Bruce.

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