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Letter to the Editor: $45,000 Spent to Ensure Police Policies and Procedures Meet National Standards

Dear Editor:

In the event anyone is confused by Mr. Sawicki’s complaint about $45,000 spent in reference (1) it would do our residents well to remember that this was not a review (or “harassing our police” as Mr. Sawicki would have it) of CPD behavior or staff.

Rather than wait for the city to be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for misconduct (and hope it wouldn’t happen), as is happening in other municipalities, e.g. (2)(3), Council decided to ensure that the City’s Police Policies and Procedures (P&P) were consistent with national standards.

Bobcat, a firm of former police officers and administrators, identified 21 P&P items under which the City could be held financially or legally liable, and determined that 17 of those were written in such a way that they could leave the city legally or financially exposed (4). This report will guide the City in selecting and/or editing any future P&P document.

This is not a reflection on the Chelsea Police Department, as asserted in the letter cited; rather it gives the City guidance on updates necessary to protect itself from avoidable legal mistakes.

The proposal, including Bobcat research staff credentials, is at reference (5).

Donald Locker

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