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Letter to the editor: Monday’s Lima Township Board of Trustees meeting

Dear Editor and Lima Township Residents:

First, I would like to thank my fellow Lima Township residents for electing me as Supervisor in the August 4th primary. I look forward to the opportunity of serving the community and listening to all your needs.

My platform still stands as it did before, to not proceed with the new Townhall. 

On Monday, September 14th there is a Lima Township Board Meeting via Zoom. Items on the agenda include old business committed to hiring an architect and engineer firm for a new Township Hall. Some current board members want to proceed with this expensive project even though our current economic status is unstable due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In addition, building materials are scarce and at an all time high thus, making this project even more expensive.

The Township Board should put this project on hold and wait until the future of our economy endures the brunt of this pandemic and possibly a second wave. The building committee has proposed the new Townhall building to be 5,000 sq. ft. and cost approximately $1.5 million dollars. This means Lima Township would have to borrow money to complete this project and spend $18,000 up front in just architect and engineer fees.

In a July/August 2020 publication, The Michigan Townships Association warned of lowered state revenues to Townships because of the economic slowdown. Reckless spending by our Township could mean our future generations fronting the bill for years to come.

I encourage you all to participate in the Board Meeting on 9/14/2020 at 7:00 PM. Your public comment would be appreciated.

You can join the zoom meeting by using this link: or calling it at 646-558-8656 or 301-715-8592.

Please make sure to call in shortly before 7:00 PM, so you do not miss this important vote on the future of our Townhall.

Duane Luick

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4 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Monday’s Lima Township Board of Trustees meeting”

  1. I leave you with this thought. The current hall is not the answer especially if you tried to vote at the last primary. however spending 1.5 million is way out of line also.I believe there is something in between would work. just a simple pole barn structure for 10k sq ft would cost one third of the proposed cost. So I support duane’s position on waiting but the old hall needs to go. it is a fire trap waiting to happen.

  2. No matter what your position is on building a new township hall, I agree with future Lima Township Supervisor Duane Luick’s reasons for putting a hold on making a firm commitment at this time. There is no urgency. It can wait. Future Supervisor Luick is being fiscally responsible. Something that has been sorely missing for a very long time. (think the last two decades…the last two Supervisors).
    In addition, I feel that, now and in the future, between the August Primary and the November election all non emergency money spending decisions should be put on hold. It’s just 3 months. Politicians come and go. We need to wait and see who will be there for the next 4 years. Then the newly elected can address what has been tabled.
    We are two months from the election. At this coming Monday’s board of trustees meeting, the board members need to do what is right and table any decision regarding a new township hall until after the November election. Some are wanting to push forward.It takes just 3 out of 5 board members to do just that. Residents need to speak up and while doing so, remind them that as elected officials they work for the taxpayers.
    And that is another issue, right now 3 out of 5 trustees voting are able to spend HUGE amount of taxpayers money. HUGE amounts of spending taxpayers money should be left up the the taxpayers, NOT 3 people. And that is for another day…..

  3. The old township hall is not a firetrap. It is an historic structure. Years of neglect make it look like crap.
    Spend a little money to fix it up for meetings. Vote in a church or school like many other districts do. We do not need a vanity project just so we can say “look at ours!”

  4. I totally agree with Mrs. Beach. Put spending on hold till the new board is sworn in. Way to many bad decisions in the last few years. Way to much wasted money.


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