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Two Sets of Brothers Top Players for Chelsea Golf Team

Courtesy photo. From left Jace Derosia, Ryan Martin, Reed Murray, Jack Murray and Carter Derosia.


By Lisa Carolin

Chelsea High School’s varsity girls and boys golf teams are both coached by Joe Ewald, who is in his 18th year coaching the boys’ team.

This year’s boys team stands out because there are two sets of brothers on the team.

“This year is very unique, as I have two sets of brothers at the same time, and they are also my top four players,” says Ewald.

The two sets of brothers are Jace Derosia and Carter Derosia and Reed Murray and Jack Murray.

Ewald says the Derosia brothers and the Murray brothers have very different personalities and play the game differently.

“We have systems in place to earn your spot, and you are competing all the time, so it’s really up to how the guys play that determines our line-up,” says Ewald. “Golf is a game of honor and integrity, and typically attracts young men that fit those values, which makes my job easy. The Derosias and the Murrays fit that description.”

He says that the CHS Boys Golf Team has had a number of brothers playing together on the team over the years. Ewald believes that there are “golf families” and within them, if one kid plays, the other is likely to as well.

Lucas Derosia, an older brother of Carter and Jace, was also a great golfer at CHS, Ewald says.

CHS’s golf season started in mid-March and will run to mid-June.

“The team is doing well, and we are pretty good,” says Ewald. “We have a little work to do, and need to clean up a few things, but it’s early and I think we can be really good.”

He says the team has its sights set on winning its sixth straight SEC White Division Championship, and to be one of the top three teams at the  20 Team Regional to qualify for the state tournament.

This is Ewald’s assessment of the Derosias and the Murrays as well as other team members:

Carter hits it long, is a strong player, plays very aggressive, and has a very good all around game.

Jace could care less what anybody else is doing. He is very focused, keeps the ball in play, and has a fantastic short game.

Reed has unlimited upside potential, generates tremendous clubhead speed, has great hands, and is capable of hitting all the shots.

“I consider all three of them even, and all #1 players,” Ewald says, adding, “Carter is slightly leading the pack in scoring so far this year, but any given round, any one of them could post the lowest score.”

Jack also has huge upside ability and talent, but as a freshman, just not the experience of the other three guys at this point.

The most likely candidates to rotate in the 4-5-6 spots, are junior Ryan Martin, (he is also a top sprinter on the track team) and junior Ethan Lyles.

The next group competing for a spot are juniors David Cole Heiss and Ewan Weid, along with senior Max Egan.

The coach also has sophomore, Barrett Kruger, and freshman Josh Hannah who the coach expects big things from in a year or two.

Freshmen Sam Woodard and Leland Curanovic round out the roster and are working to get better every day, he says.

“Golf is an individual sport, and it would be easy to be selfish and only worry about yourself, but what’s awesome with this group is they all put “team” first,” Ewald says.

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