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Welcome to the relaunch of

As its publisher, I’d like to welcome you to the relaunch of

This Chelsea-focused news site got its start with my neighbor, Heather Newman, who has entrusted me with “her baby” by letting me buy it and relaunch it after a two-year hiatus.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been in the newspaper business for 32 years, and have been covering this area for 12 years working for three other news organizations — Heritage Newspapers, The Ann Arbor News, and

Throughout my career, I’ve been a sports writer, editorial page editor, news editor, and regional reporter. I’ve also been a part of several different launches, which were owned, of course, by other people. Yet despite the risks, I’ve always wanted to launch my own publication.

Today marks the beginning of this life-long dream for me.

Chelsea Update is my way of giving this community what you’ve told me you’ve wanted for a long time. It’s my chance to produce a news source that is devoted exclusively to what’s going on in Chelsea.

I’ve spoken to many residents about the kind of stories they want to read, and I’ve done my best to include a little bit of all those ideas in this launch. And although I have lots of my own ideas, the suggestion box for ideas is always open to you.

So, here’s a broad brush look at what you’ll see as the site progresses.

Sports. Lots of local scores, photos, and features on the athletes and game coverage. There’s only one local person I know who can do justice to the amazing sports scene in Chelsea and that’s Don Richter. He has agreed to be the Sports Editor for Chelsea Update and provided a preview of the upcoming football season for today’s launch.

Once the start of the fall season ramps up, so will his coverage. (And, yes, for those who remembered and requested it, we’ve talked about a resumption of our friendly war of the words when it comes to his love of all things green and white versus my love of all things maize and blue.)

News. That’s my bread, butter and jam. There will be Planning Commission, City Council, Downtown Development Authority, Board of Education, Chelsea Area Fire Authority, Road Commission and Township Board meeting coverage. And I’ll be doing some investigative stories, too. Plus, I’ll do my best to let you know before important meetings what topics will be discussed so you can attend in person should you want to let local officials know your opinions on those issues.

Business. There will be stories from what’s happening in southtown to the changes taking place downtown as well as business news from the surrounding townships as well.

Community. I love Chelsea. I live in the community, and I want to help all the organizations that are hosting events — from the Senior Center and churches, to civic groups and clubs. Let me know about what you have planned, and I’ll be glad to let the whole community in on it.

That goes for high school reunions, weddings, engagements, births and deaths. As things progress, there will be obituaries and extended stories about the local people who have passed away.

Chelsea Community Fair. There will be lots and lots of fair coverage, before and during the event. Anyone who knows me also knows I am a huge fan of the fair, and now I have a great reason to spend even more time there.

Pictures. I love taking them and plan to be out and about shooting photos all over the community. But I welcome your photos, too. And since everyone loved seeing Heather’s daily rock photos, I plan to continue this popular feature. Keep in mind that sometimes, the face of the rock can change several times during the day, so feel free to send your photos in case I’ve missed a message.

Schools. Chelsea students not only excel in the classroom and on the athletic field, but also in the arts. They entertain and give back to the community through performances and extracurricular activities, so I’ll shine a spotlight on what they are doing.

Comments. Comments on stories are welcomed, but you must use your real name and all comments will be moderated before they appear. Since my name is on everything I write, and Don’s name is on everything he writes, it’s only fair that your name is on anything you write. Letters to the Editor will also be published, but again, you must use your real name.

Support. One of the most commonly asked questions I’m asked is how will you make money? Take a look at the Sponsor Chelsea Update section of the site and if you like what you see, please contribute to the success of Chelsea Update with an ad or a donation, (think of it as a subscription) to this locally-owned small business.

And, since I only get to launch Chelsea Update once, I want to thank the key people who have gotten me to this point.

Heather Newman for trusting me to continue what she started.

Ingrid, Eric and Diana Allmendinger, my family in New Jersey, for believing in me as I concocted this business venture.

Marilyn Mink, Peg Canham-Keeley, Amalie Nash, and Len Pytlak for advice and guidance.

Leslie Surel and Alan Scafuri for web assistance.

Rebecca Burk, Marcia Cavan and Nancy Jennings, the best friends and best sounding boards anyone could have as this crazy plan took shape.

And finally, to all the people in the Chelsea community who I’ve spoken to about this venture — thank you for your time, encouragement, and great ideas.

With that said, I hope that you will enjoy ChelseaUpdate as your source for Chelsea community news. Please call me at 433-1052 or email me at [email protected] with your questions, comments and ideas.

Lisa Allmendinger

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to the relaunch of”

  1. Go Lisa! Heather could not have passed the Update into more professional, capable hands. I’m excited for you in this new venture, but even more excited for Chelsea. We’ve just been given a great gift.

  2. Congratulations, Lisa – and here’s to dreams that come true!! Amy Whitesall captured it perfectly – so thanks in advance for the “gift that will keep on giving” – I wish you much success in this new venture.

  3. Hooray!!!!

    Congratulations, Lisa! It looks wonderful, and the stories you chose for your first issue are terrific. It’s an amazing thing to be able to live your dream – I’m so happy for you!

    Your love for Chelsea and its residents makes you the perfect person to show the world what it’s like to live in the Chelsea area.

  4. Congrats, Lisa !! Website looks great and I agree with Amy W. on her perfect comment as well. Don Richter is a perfect choice as sports editor as well. Looking forward to working with you through our Chamber of Commerce connection. Thanks for joining, we appreciate your support and Bob, Patti & I are “at your service”.

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