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Chelsea Community Fair: Martino Pavesi explains what it takes to show a chicken

Photo by Lisa Carolin. Martino Pavesi and his mom Lynn Ertel at the Chelsea Community Fair.

By Lisa Carolin

At the 82nd annual Chelsea Community Fair’s poultry competition, the names of all the species and breeds are a lot more complicated than just chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pheasants, and doves.

In the standard poultry category for example, Brahmas, Langshans, Leghorns, Frizzles, and Wyandottes are among the close to 30 varieties.

Martino Pavesi, 12, was showing a River Laced Wyandotte named Eggy Tuesday morning.

“I showed a few years ago,” said Pavesi. “It takes a couple weeks to study the showmanship questions.”

He likes to use a 4-H manual and showmanship handbook to get ready.

“You have to prepare your bird by giving them baths a few days before, checking their feathers, and teaching them to stay calm,” said Pavesi.

Photo by Lisa Carolin. A turkey at the Chelsea Community Fair.

He also brought two hens to the competition – Henrietta and Feathers.

His mom is pleased with the time Martino has spent preparing for the Fair.

“I think it’s great for him to learn to interact and care for animals,” said Lynne Ertel. “Showing means keeping them healthy and learning about them.”

Other than the odd cock-a-doodle-doo from the nearby roosters, Pavesi said he was glad the poultry competition was taking place in the morning, before all the rides on the midway opened, which he worried could be a potential distraction for his birds.

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