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Letter to the Editor: Compelled to write again in response to Mr. Sawicki

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Sawicki stating the police are being punished for things they did. It is not a punishment to go through policies to update or change wording. I beg to differ that it is a good thing to do. If you don’t think it is good to look at their policies to see if anything needs changing or updating, there is something wrong. The Judge report did mention some things Council may want to look at with the police policies.

The Bobcat Report went through policies, spoke with community and police. In my eyes, there is nothing wrong with that. Why? We are a good community and times change in education, policing environment, etc. You need to move forward with best practices.

The city has been doing some of the things you stated along with doing their jobs to make sure everyone is doing their best job. The city did come by my house to trim branches from the wires, they are doing safety things to make our roads safer for all. Have you noticed the some of the crosswalks are easier to see, bicycle lanes and parking spots? You haven’t been to many City Council meetings or you would have known the Federal Screw Works land may have something going on soon.

The council has been hard at work on many fronts for our city. They have been doing the business of Chelsea not for a select few but all of Chelsea.

Your last line is priceless. You want transparency in government. Guess what –the police are part of that government. I agree it is always good to have transparency in government. See you can always find some common ground.

Please do not use scare tactics to gain your votes. We certainly have had that happening now for years. Honesty is still the best policy.
Debbie Osborne

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