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Lost and Found: Chelsea PD asks if you’ve lost some cash

By Sgt. Rich Kinsey

Chelsea, what is going on this summer?

Are you wearing holes in your pockets or what? Some of you have been dropping money in the streets and on the sidewalks around town.

Thank goodness we live in such a GREAT community, because if you lost the money, one of your honest neighbors found the money and turned it in to the Chelsea Police Department

If you lost some money in town this summer, call or e-mail me with the proper amount and you can contact me and claim the loot. 

Here is how the Lost and Found game is played—actually this is a simplified version of how the State Law is written.

I will tell you where and when it was found and you tell me how much or what you lost. If you are right, you can come to the Chelsea Police Department and claim your lost property. 

Unclaimed Money or property of value is given to the Finder after 6 months or to the City of Chelsea Treasurer if the finder does not want it or fails to provide contact information.

Other found property—which may be precious and sentimental to the owner but looks like junk to yours truly – will be disposed of properly by yours truly if no one claims it in 3 months. 

At the Summer Fest, in separate incidents, money and an electronic device were found downtown. Contact me and describe what you lost and if it matches you can sign for it and take it home.

If no one claims the property, I will be contacting the finders around March 2019 to claim the property.

Money was dropped in the 100 block of East Middle Street on Aug. 7 and the day before near the corner of Washington and S. East Street. I will give you a hint—these are not sums of money you would consider retiring on, but they would be noticeable if your wallet or pocket was a little light.

The item I am most concerned about getting back to its rightful owner, was a piece of jewelry that was found, by an honest young man, at Cameron Pool located in Beach Middle School back on June 27, 2018.

This piece of jewelry was posted on Facebook by the young man’s mother and you might have seen it there. For this reason, I will need to see a receipt, an appraisal or a photograph of you or a loved one wearing this piece.

No one has made any queries about this item and that surprises me. I really want to get this back to the owner, but you must understand this is my responsibility, so I must be certain the property belongs to person claiming it.

Please pass the word if you know of any swimmers who used the Beach Middle School pool and lost a major piece of jewelry this summer.

Anyone who wishes to make inquiries or claim the property can call me, Sgt. Rich Kinsey at the Chelsea Police Department 734-475-9122 ext. 410 or by e-mail at [email protected].    

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