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Publisher’s Message: Winter Perfect Time to Work on Chelsea Fair Green Barn Entries

More progress on hummingbird and hollyhock cross stitch project. My planned entry for the 2022 Chelsea Community Fair.

Ah, winter in Michigan.

Snow, cold and ice. Grey skies and gusty winds. Long dark nights. Not the optimum environment to want to bundle up and go places or do stuff outside.

And, then another spike in COVID cases …

Before you bemoan the situation, use it for good and fun stuff you can do inside instead.

Winter is the perfect time to make your green barn exhibits for the Chelsea Community Fair.

That third full week in August will be here before you know it.

January and February are great months to perfect your baking skills, search out and try new recipes.

Winter, dear readers, is the best time of year to make some arts and crafts. Choose a needlework or sewing or crocheting or quilting project, get the supplies and get going.

And if you want to get outside to stretch your legs and get some crisp air, take some photos of the winter wonderland around you to enter in the photography area.

Not sure where to start?

Go to and take a look at last year’s premium book for inspiration.

A picture of the farm scene I bought as a Christmas present to me. While taking some time off, I did a little work on it with the hope of having it completed for the 2023 Chelsea Community Fair.

With no yardwork to do, for me winter is the perfect time to concentrate on and spend hours stitching my needle art entry for this year’s fair.  

Remember, you can enter Agriculture, Antiques, Baking, Canning, Floriculture, Arts and Hobbies, Photography, Machine Sewing and Needlework.

While you might be longing for spring, green grass and blooming flowers – all of which take me away from my stitching – winter is the perfect time to spend it on your fair projects.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but progress was made on the farm scene I hope to have finished by the 2023 Chelsea Community Fair. See above of the full design. This is the top left corner.
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