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What you should know about the Chelsea POP project

You may have noticed some new freshly painted and bright-colored street markings popping up on several streets in Chelsea.

These temporary street markings are part of “Chelsea POP” (a pop-up project) designed to draw attention as safety measures to designated areas on several streets and at several intersections that are frequently shared by cars, bikes and pedestrians.

(Here’s a map:

Chelsea POP is a 30-day pop-up demonstration to “re-imagine” several streets in the city to encourage traffic calming and is the result of traffic studies and implemented through a partnership between the city, Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) and Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

You will see these new temporary street markings on Freer Road, Railroad, McKinley and Dewey streets when the project is completed in September.

There will be bright green blocks of color with bike images and arrows painted in white called “sharrows” to designate shared roads.

White lines to delineate curb extensions, on-street parking and no parking zones can also be found. They are designed to visually narrow roads to slow traffic.

In these areas, when you reach stop signs, the pavement marking has been widened as a reminder to drivers and bicyclists that there is a stop sign ahead.

Crosswalks will be painted in “Chelsea blue and yellow” with alternating stripes of white to increase the sight distance to areas where people, bikes and cars converge. You’ll notice these temporary street markings at these spots:

  • North Freer Road at AD Mayer and at Chelsea High School
  • Dewey Street at M-52/Main and Dewey Street at Howard Street
  • McKinley and Dewey streets, McKinley and Railroad streets
  • Railroad Street at Taylor Lane
  • Dexter-Chelsea Road at North Freer Road
  • North Freer Road at the B2B trail and Dexter-Chelsea Road, B2B at North Freer and Chelsea Dexter Road.

For more information, please click here.

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2 thoughts on “What you should know about the Chelsea POP project”

  1. Thank you, I am 100% in favor of improved street markings. I just have one question: if the colors are “Chelsea blue and yellow,” why are the new city signs in black and gold?

    • Reading the article carefully, the “Chelsea blue and gold” crosswalk markings are TEMPORARY. I believe the city sign project is entirely separate from this Chelsea POP project.

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